Four Box Play Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

four images of different ways for babies and toddlers to play with box

It’s a month after Christmas and if you’re anything like us, you have one or two boxes hanging around. Let’s face it, babies and toddlers prefer the box to whats inside anyway, so why not indulge them and bring some fun and imagination into the humble box, with our four box play ideas for babies and toddlers.

We used a box left over from a delivery, but any medium sized box should do for this activity. You will also need some packing tape and scissors, as you might want to dismantle the box and then tape it up in several different ways. We also used a shawl as a curtain on the tunnel, but you could use a towel or even ribbon.

  1. Box tunnel: Undo the top and bottom of the box to make a short tunnel for baby to crawl through. For an extra element, add a scarf or towel to use as a curtain across the openings which you can use to play peek a boo. You might need to sit at the other end of the box to encourage your baby to crawl through.
  2. Four walls: With baby sitting on the floor, place one end of the box over them, so that they are surrounded by all four walls. He or she will be able to kick the sides with their feet or may even try use them to stand up – so make sure you are holding on to the box. Again this is a great way to play peek a boo as you can either cover the top with a scarf, or (if the box is tall enough) us the cardboard to open and shut the box.
  3. Aeroplane’: Place baby into the box and gently push or pull them around the room. Add plane or car sounds for added effect 😉
  4. Hide and SeekHave the box sitting on the floor and while your baby or toddler watches, place a variety of their favourite toys in the box. Close but don’t tape the box shut and let baby try and figure out where the toys are and how to get to them. Younger babies may need some assistance with this e.g. beginning to lift one of the flaps.

There you have it! We hope that you and your baby have as much fun playing with your cardboard box as we did. Happy Monday everyone!

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