Baby Sensory Play: Cling Film Painting

baby sensory play, baby cling film painting with canvas and blue paints

With the summer weather soon to be over, now is a great time to take the opportunity and do some outdoor baby sensory play activities with your little one.

This cling film painting activity is a great one to take outdoors as though it isn’t necessarily messy, you never know when accidents may happen! For older babies or children, consider using coloured paints that fit with an outdoor theme e.g. green for grass and blue for flowers and point out the matching plants.

All you need is some non-toxic paint, a canvas and some clingfilm. Simply dab some paint on the canvas, cover tightly with clingfilm and let your baby go to town with their hands and feet. Squishing the paint under the clingfilm is a great sensory activity for them, as they try to figure out what they are squishing and mixing and why it isn’t getting on their fingers. ¬†While they do it, you can talk about the different colours that they are playing with which will encourage language development as well as pattern recognition.

For younger babies, this a great tummy time activity as it will encourage them to lift their neck. It’s also a great high chair activity if the weather outside isn’t cooperating.

The great thing about this baby sensory play painting activity is that once completed the artwork can be kept and/or given as a gift.


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