Baby Sensory Play: Foam Bubbles

Super easy to make, foam bubbles will keep your baby or toddler entertained and won’t require much clean up. In fact, it may even clean your play mat or floor! Alternatively, you can lay out a towel for even faster clean up. Simple, fast and fun means this is a wonderful baby sensory play activity for parent and child.

Because we use soap for this foam bubbles activity, we recommend using a non toxic baby safe soap since it is inevitable that they are going to put in in their mouths, we used a no tears Shampoo.

Foam bubbles are easily made by mixing, 1/4 cup of shampoo or soap with a few tablespoons of water using a stand or hand mixer. Once its mixed you can put it into a shallow tub or tray and show it to your baby or toddler.

To really boost the sensory play with the foam bubbles, you can also place some toys in the foam and encourage your baby to find them. They will enjoy exploring through the foam and feeling its texture.

You could use the foam bubbles as a base for other activities:

Make more bubbles and place them in the paddling pool or in the bath to let your baby or toddler really go wild.

For smaller babies, who may not be sitting unassisted, place a small amount of foam on a baking tray and let them explore it during tummy time. This may encourage them to stretch out and support themselves more on their arms.

Add food colouring and allow your baby to mix it around. Use different colours and encourage your little one to mix them together to create new colours.

As with all activities, do only what you are comfortable with, and please closely monitor your baby/toddler


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