Baby Play Ideas

baby playing with red and green edible finger paint

It’s the first Monday after the New Year, you’re tired and running out of ideas on how to entertain your little one. Playing with your baby can sometimes be hard, particularly off the back of the festive season when you’re feeling drained. Luckily we can help with our easy ideas that won’t even have you leaving the house (you might even get time for a cup of coffee).

  1. Edible Finger Painting
    Mix plain Greek yoghurt with a variety of different food colouring and let your baby go to town. Best done in the highchair for obvious reasons. This is a great activity for really hot days when you can let baby play in just their nappy – who know’s the cleanup could be just as fun. It’s also an opportunity to let your baby use their hands and fingers to explore and experience some tactile sensation. Due to the dairy content of yoghurt, this is best done after dairy has been introduced into your little ones diet.
  2. Kitchen Utensils 
    Everyday kitchen utensils make surprisingly great toys. Spatulas, measuring spoons and colanders in particular make great toys and allow your baby to feel a variety of shapes and textures – you also might be nurturing a potential chef! This can be done at any age but ensure that you check the objects for choking hazards.
  3.  Muffin Tin Organisation
    Use a muffin tin to place a range of different objects of different sized and textures e.g balls, blocks, tissue paper for baby to sort through. Again can be done from any age and in fact would be a great tummy time activity, especially for those that hate tummy time.

Hopefully these few ideas get you started and give you a bit of time to catch your breath and have a cup of tea with the added bonus of you baby having a great time.

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