Baby Play Ideas: Ice Ice Baby

Baby Play Idea, baby playing with ice cubes on towel

With summer well and truly here, you might want to avoid the stifling heat and enjoy staying (or trying to stay) cool indoors. While paddling pools are a great activity for Mum and bub, if you like us, are in the Southern Hemisphere the sun can sometimes be a little strong for baby’s skin and you might want some heat friendly baby play ideas.

Staying inside and playing with water or ice is just the solution, particularly as it is tactile play and stimulates baby’s sense of touch. The slipperiness of ice also means they spend a great deal of time trying to grab it! Using a tray or baking dish, simply place a tray of ice cubes in it and let your baby go wild, you can also go that extra mile with some of the ideas below.

  • Add food colouring to the water before making ice
  • Give your baby a spoon or cup to scoop the ice with
  • Put two or three bowls of saucepans down and help your baby move ice between them
  • Place ice in a shallow dish of water and let them splash
  • Lay a thick piece of card or paper down and show your baby how you can use the ice to make splatters or drawings

As always, supervise your little one while they play and keep an eye on how much ice they put in their mouth.

When you’re finished playing, why not dry off using one of our baby towels from Little Linen Company? Made from 100% premium cotton terry towel with a muslin hood, they are perfect for drying baby after a swim, bath or water play.

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